Alcohol; Poison or Tonic?

This might be a controversial subject, but I am going to go on record and say moderate alcohol consumption to ease the day’s stress is healthy for you! Allowing the tension from your day to keep pestering you can do more damage than one drink. The biggest factor adversely affecting our health today is stress.…


Should you break up with gluten?

If you, like most Americans, have ever wondered why so many people are all of a sudden going “Gluten Free,” then you are reading the right article… because I am here to not only explain what ignited this recent trend, but also to explain the benefits that come along with a “Gluten Free” diet. So,…


Thank you mom!

If you were to ask somebody today what you should do in order to live a long and healthy life, they would tell you that you must eat healthily and that you must not do drugs, alcohol, smoke or have sex – and so on and so on… My question to you is: “WHY?” Why…


Navigating Non-Stick Pans

Nowadays there are several options when looking to purchase non-stick pans for your cooking needs. All options are generally good – but your cooking needs & uses should best dictate which is really best for you. In the paragraphs that follow I will try to shed some light on the different non-stick surfaces in use,…


Life After Wheat Flour!

Today I’m discussing two different types of flours and their uses in cooking Paleo, namely Almond flour and Coconut flour, arguably the most popular flours for breads and pastries in the low carb, grain free community. Each of these flours has very different characteristics but can be used interchangeably in certain applications with corresponding increases/decreases…

food balance

Balance? Rather Ironic!

Me? Talking about balance? I can just imagine those that know me well are having a private little chuckle right now, as I am rather an extremist! What I think of balance… Balance is a very boring, middle of the road thing that should only be visited on rare occasions! Luckily though, I’m not discussing…