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Sugar free options that are sweetened with natural sweeteners. No artificial chemical sweeteners used.

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We have many gluten free options and carefully prepare all gluten free meals to ensure no cross contamination.

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We prepare our food fresh on the premises. Real food! Eat Clean! Eat Delicious!

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We prepare everything from scratch and flavor our meals with fresh herbs and spices not MSG or other chemical flavor enhancers.

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My background is in holistic health and nutrition and my passion is helping people eat healthily, therefore Deliteful is more than just a restaurant to me. I feel so inspired and grateful each time a customer thanks me for opening a restaurant that serves healthy food. What we put into our mouths is the biggest factor we have within our control to affect our health! I don’t believe you have to sacrifice taste in order to eat healthy food. It’s the little things that count, such as: we use only pink Himalayan rock salt as it is lower in sodium and higher in minerals and does not contain aluminum. We cook with coconut oil in non-teflon cookware and we make everything fresh on the premises so there is no need to add preservatives and chemical ingredients. All food is nitrate and nitrite free and we use organic / grass fed where possible. Welcome to Deliteful and Buon Appetite or as you may hear me say Born Up A Tree – it’s a South African thing!